Start docker on each node, change  ZOO_MY_ID accordingly

sudo docker run --net=host -d \
    --name zk \
    --restart always \
    -e ZOO_MY_ID=1 \
    -e ZOO_SERVERS="server.1=link1:2888:3888;2181 server.2=link2:2888:3888;2181" \

now you can access zookeeper command via web:

On each node:

docker exec -it zk /bin/bash

on server link1, create a node /zk_test and set string value "my_data"

create /zk_test my_data
Created /zk_test

on link2, get node value of /zk_test

get /zk_test 

then clean up test code on one of nodes.

delete /zk_test

note: this example only setup 2 nodes on server, you could startup your cluster as many as you want.